Tonight I skipped fight practice at Tirnewydd, thinking I should check with my physical therapist tomorrow before embarking on trying out rapier (aka Medieval fencing). See Azriel le Fey: an inspiration to try something new!

While I was home, I worked on my embroidery project and then decided to add to my garb for Saturday’s event.

I have a lovely fox skin that I got several months ago from a seller on Etsy in Kiev, Ukraine. His name is Yaroslav and his shop is Furlux Studio. Kiev is a place dear to my heart because of my research and teaching about the 10th century Viking/Rus’/Slav Princess Ol’ga.  See My article on Princess Ol’ga is published! and Post-event reviews are in!

I highly recommend Yaroslav’s shop. The fur I purchased from him was even nicer than I had expected, it was exactly the length that was promised, and the shipping charge was extremely reasonable. His customer service is excellent. Here’s the link to his shop on Etsy: Yarolslav’s Etsy shop, Furlux Studio

But I was having the hardest time trying to wear the fox skin. It simply would not stay in place on my shoulders. Finally, yesterday after I was looking at Kestral’s photo from Kingdom 12th Night 2017 in which she is wearing her own fox, I messaged her for advice. Here she is at that event:

Kestral Kingdom 12th Night 2017

It looked to me like she had pinned the fur with a second set of turtle brooches, so I asked her about that, and she said that she had indeed done just that. She also sent me a photo of her daughter Shiloh wearing a fox skin pinned at the center with one pin. Here they both are:

Kestral and Shiloh

Tonight I decided that I would try pinning my fur on, much as I hate to put holes in it. While I was at it, I added the cloak that Jen Johnson (see Festival of Maidens 2018) said was necessary for Viking woman garb, and which I researched myself and corroborated. Here is Jen at Maidens 2018 in her garb with cloak attached to her turtle pins:

Jen Johnson, Festival of Maidens 2018

So here is the complete outfit for this Saturday’s event with the new blue smokkr, the fox skin, and the cloak. Please excuse the blurs!



Of course, I can’t have a photo session without a picture of Ophelia!