I’m trying to make it to the end of the Oscars tonight, although it’s difficult because they last so long. And also because I saw almost none of the nominated films. If any at all! 😛 But seeing the clips gives me some ideas for films I’d like to see at the second-run theaters or later on DVD, plus I’m sure the winning film will be re-released.

Now here’s Eddie Vedder covering Tom Petty’s “Room at the Top of the World” while some of the film industry folks who died since the last Oscars are featured. Of course Tom Petty himself, who is one of my all-time favorite rockers, died quite recently, and too soon. I didn’t even know about it until I saw him on the cover of one of those magazines that summarized the year 2017. It’s never a good thing to have your photo on one of those covers… 😦

I’ve actually brought my laptop downstairs where the TV is so that I can watch the Oscars while I write this. Usually I treat my laptop like a desktop: it lives on my desk up in my bedroom. But needs, must.

Some updates are in order:

  1. I did end up highlighting my hair, but I did it inexpensively at home by myself. Here’s kinda what it looks like: highlighted hair March 2, 2018 (1)2. Partially with the advice of Mel & Suan ( see their excellent blog Traveling Matters to us), I’ve decided to make another panel for my Coronation smokkr with single Herringbone Stitch instead of double (although I might try adding a strand of the metallic gold thread to the plain gold thread in the single stitch). Here’s the difference between the single stitch as I did it first, and the double stitch as I later developed it:
    Original single Herringbone Stitched panel for Coronation smokkr
    Double Herringbone stitched panel for Coronation smokkr

    I tried to get the scale of both stitches the same, but I wasn’t able to do it.  Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be able to make use of both panels sooner or later, maybe giving one of them away as a present.

Well, my formatting has given up, and Gary Oldman just won the Academy Award for his role as Winston Churchill, heavily disguised. I loved the clip made by his fiancee of him dancing in his Churchill get-up to a James Brown song, which was shown during the pre-ceremony run-up, most of which I missed, sadly.

Sadly, because I really like to see the women, and some of the men, in their gala red-carpet fashions. I guess that I will have to look at them online tomorrow and post my favorites here then.

So now, who will win Best Actress? The five nominees’ clips are being shown right now. Since I haven’t seen any of the films, I really can’t vote. But I’m always partial both to Meryl Streep and to underdogs.

The Oscar goes to Frances McDormand. Yay! 🙂 Even though she is no way an underdog–she already won an Oscar for her amazing breakthrough role as the pregnant cop in Fargo, which I have indeed seen, and several times over, at that–to me she is quite the “hooligan and an anarchist,” as she just claimed to be. So in that way she is indeed an underdog.


And winner of Best Picture for the 90th Academy Awards? I’m waiting through the commercials and the clips…

I think it will be “Get Out!”

It is–

“The Shape of Water” !!! 🙂

Shape of Water

I’ll definitely have to see it now!

(And so much for me as an accurate predictor of awards–LOL!)

Wow, it’s not even midnight. This must be some kind of record for the Academy Awards. Let’s give them an Oscar for that! ❤