Yes, I solved the sewing machine problem! 🙂

I owe it to the effects of a change of scenery and good company.

You see, today I went out of town to have lunch with Chris, a man I met through Match (–yes, I’ve used Match!). He lives an hour away, but we have found a place about 35 minutes away from each of us with many restaurants, where we can easily meet and do lunch.

Today we tried a Mexican place, the Fogata Grill. It was quite good. I had one of their vegetarian platters, with a bean burrito, a bean tostaguac (a tostada with guacamole), and a cheese quesadilla. Yum! 🙂

Chris had his favorite Mexican dish, carnitas. He said they were the best he’s ever had.

So we were enjoying our meal, and I told him of my sewing machine woes. We brainstormed awhile. Chris is a very experienced sewer, both by hand and on machine. He had lots of good ideas, which helped me to approach the problem more creatively and analytically.

I did that old visualization exercise that you do (or should do) when you lose something, say your keys. You picture where you were when you know that you last had them. And then you imagine what steps you might have taken from there. And you go look there.

Here’s how my thought process went:

My sewing machine was working fine the day before yesterday. Then yesterday I started out the sewing day by winding a new bobbin. It was after that that the trouble began…

I thought: what if I didn’t re-set the machine properly after winding the bobbin?

And that was indeed the problem, and one easily solved when I got home and looked at the machine.

So now I don’t need to traipse into the Viking dealer on Monday, after all.

On the downside, Chris agreed with me that I should take my car, a 2008 Honda Fit, into the dealer to have the service manager listen to the engine. He heard lifter noise, although he doesn’t know if that is normal for my car, and neither do I.

Please send good thoughts, vibes, and prayers for the health of my car’s engine, as well as my pocketbook! ❤

But, back to the good news, since my machine was back in order, I set to finishing up the machine parts of the new underdress, and now it only lacks a hem!

Here are some shots of it. As usual, my photography lacks a lot. You’ll have to use your imagination. 😉




The blue and yellow Norse headband is pure wool, woven by Sibilla Daine, a master fabric artist in the SCA in Florida. She had offered some earlier trims on Facebook that I was too late to buy, but I asked her if she would have anything else available in red, yellow or blue in time for me to use it for my Coronation garb. A few days ago, she got in touch with me to show me this piece, which is 1/2″ wide and 3 yards long.

Luckily my tax refund had come, so I was able to buy this one from her before someone else snapped it up! I’m not sure just yet how I will use it with my Coronation garb, but it will definitely add a colorful and authentic touch to my Viking garb.

Once again, trying to use the self-timer function on my Canon Elph is not very satisfactory:

And here it is on the self-timer with the apron dress (smokkr):

Don’t blame the camera, blame the photographer! 😉

I hope to wear this outfit, which is nice and warm, to an event on March 24th called “Keep Calm and Ceilidh On!” ROFLMAO. 🙂 It will also be a good set of clothes to wear on one of the cool nights at Pennsic!

Now I need to decide whether to use this pattern for my Coronation underdress, or the T-tunic pattern I used for my first underdress, the dark blue one. The T-tunic is definitely easier, but I can make longer sleeves with this pattern. So… I will think about it and meanwhile get started on the Coronation smokkr. For it I need to learn how to do rolled hems on silk, so that I can add the embroidered silk panel to the yoke of the linen smokkr. Yikes! 😛