Yup, a day of do-overs. Underdress v. 2.0.

I took the trim off the dress right before reading my friend Janet’s comment on Facebook that she really liked it. ROFLMAO! 😛 See Underdress trimmed,

Then I hemmed it, only to discover that the hem not only looked like crap, because it was too deep and bulky, but also the dress was too long. So out the hem came, too. 🙂

I’ve since trimmed the hem, hopefully to the right length (with an allowance for the hem itself) and ironed and pinned it at the new length, but I haven’t done the actual hemming yet. Or re-hemming, as the case is.

I’m kind of sick of this dress. 😦

Right now I’m listening to Car Seat Headrest (aka Will Toledo and his band) doing “Destroyed by Hippie Powers” from the album Teens of Denial. I’d give you a YouTube link, but all the only ones uploaded are fairly crappy live versions. You just need to go out (or to Amazon) and spend the money to buy the album, damn it!

Can you tell I’m in a somewhat rebellious mood?

Tell my mother I’m going home, I’ve been destroyed by hippie powers.

–from “Destroyed by Hippie Powers.”

I really do recommend you get this album! The most interesting rock lyrics and guitar work in ages and ages, throughout the whole album.

I’m thinking about breaking out my electric guitar and taking a whack at this song, which I’ve worked on before. Here’s my ax:


The Fender Vibro-Champ amp in the photo is an old tube amp with a great warm sound, but it’s as heavy as can be, considering its small size. And of course, it’s not possible to operate it on batteries. Both are good reasons to have gotten the tiny Vox Mini5 Rhythm, which got delivered Friday. Here is the Vox in situ:


Cute, huh? 🙂

I’ve decided, once this Viking underdress is finished, to take a brief break from making Viking garb and instead try some modern sewing with commercial patterns. If I reserve the month of April to do my Coronation garb (a new smokkr and underdress), I should be OK and make my first of May deadline. I’ve already got the embroidered silk panel for the smokkr done. See Double Herringbone Stitch finished..

Actually it was my first intention, before I even joined the Society for Creative Anachronism in September 2016, to make clothes that I could actually wear to the grocery store! 😛 Amazing, huh?  And I bought a couple of easy patterns, fabric, notions and a Singer Simple sewing machine to accomplish that.

But before I could get started, I detoured into the Modern Middle Ages, also known as the SCA. 🙂

Here are the patterns and fabric that I got, a year and a half ago:


The paisley fabric is for the top and the purple floral material is for the bottoms.

As usual, my photography is not so great. 😛 Let’s hope my ability to follow a modern commercial pattern is better! 😉