Today, after I dropped Sissy off for her oral surgery (see Sissy’s teeth (poor thing!) ), I strung together a new necklace as a gift for my friend Chris’s granddaughter Amanda.

I called him to find out her build and also whether she preferred warm colors or cool ones, if he knew. The build of the recipient of a necklace is important in figuring out how long to make it. Too short renders it worthless to the recipient, and too long means it won’t look good and thus won’t get worn, either. Amanda is petite, as it happens.

And Chris thinks she prefers warm colors. She wore pink when he saw her last week.

Which was serendipitous, because the focal stone that I was hoping to use was a nice piece of rose quartz. Although I did also have some good antique jade focal stones available, I had been wanting to make something with the rose quartz for quite a while.

I made coordinating earrings to accompany the necklace. Chris had checked earlier to make sure that Amanda has pierced ears.


Tomorrow I will be making bracelets on stretch cord for Amanda’s daughters, who are five and seven years old. I haven’t decided on the two color schemes yet.

I got the Viking underdress finished yesterday (see Underdress trimmed and Underdress in progress and new card), although I may add some simple embroidery around the neckline if I have time before the SCA event on the 24th.

And I’ve decided to soldier on with sewing my Coronation garb next, instead of detouring into a modern sewing project first. The Coronation costume has a deadline not far in the future (the beginning of May), whereas the modern outfit would be appropriate any time during the summer.