Right now, Sissy is at the veterinary clinic recovering from oral surgery. I just got a report from the vet tech that they discovered that 15 of Sissy’s teeth had already fallen out!!! 😛  Poor Sissy!

Of her few remaining teeth, three more had to be extracted, two because of painfully bad fractures and one because of decay.

I’ll be picking her up later this afternoon and bringing her home for a well-deserved rest, along with her pain meds and antibiotics.

The tech said that Sissy struggled a lot before the anesthesia. Poor Sissy! 😦

Here are some photos of her in happier moments:

Sissy by Sarah Moon 3 long shot
Sissy by Sarah Moon
Sissy by Sarah Moon 2
Sissy by Sarah Moon


Sissy by Sarah Moon 1
Sissy by Sarah Moon
Sissy and Ophelia on my bed, Jan 2018
Sissy on the left, Ophelia on the right, on my bed, winter 2017
Sissy sleeping (2016_05_01 17_16_42 UTC)
Sissy sleeping on the couch
Sissy2 (2016_05_01 17_16_42 UTC)
Sissy by Tim Porges (see his foot?)
Sissy (2016_05_01 17_16_42 UTC)
Sissy 2016
Sissy and Icelandic Saga textbook
Sissy, fall 2017 with Icelandic Saga textbook