Thanks to everyone who prayed for the health of my cat Sissy, who had oral surgery yesterday, and also for the health of my car, a 2008 Honda Fit, which I took into the dealer at the crack of dawn today, to have what I thought was a funny noise checked out. My son and my friend Chris thought the engine sounded normal, but Chris agreed with me that it would be good to have the Honda service manager put his ears on it, if just to give me some peace of mind.

Both the service manager and a tech thought it sounded normal, too. And there was no charge! Yay!!! 🙂

Great news, especially since Sissy’s oral surgery yesterday was $712 and change, as opposed to the $300 that the vet had told me it would be. When I was told the total yesterday for the surgery, I went into a shock nearly as deep as Sissy’s. 😛

Sissy seems to be OK this morning, although she is subdued, and I can tell by the way she is holding her eyes that she is in pain. 😦

Sissy the day after her oral surgery, March 14, 2018

I’ve seen that eye thing with previous cats of mine. It’s a kind of squinty look.

Now we are at Underdress v. 3.0. As I said before, I took off the original trim a couple of days ago. See A day of do-overs  But it looked so plain without the trim that today I added just a touch of embroidery around the neckline: a dark green running stitch:


Here’s how it looks under the new smokkr, or apron dress:


If I get inspired and have the time, I may go back and add a second row of running stitch to the neckline of the underdress, offset from the first.

But it won’t be tonight. Tonight I’m going to our local weekly SCA meeting, and I am going to try rapier, after all! Yay! I think…. lol.

Well, I just found out that the rapier marshals are both at Gulf Wars in Mississippi, along with all our Peers, so maybe I won’t try rapier this week after all. I’d better take my trusty harp so that I’ll have something to do.

Since finishing the necklace for Amanda yesterday (see I made a new necklace today), I’ve been trying to do the stretch bracelets for her little daughters. “Trying” being the key word here. With the first attempt, I didn’t like the color scheme for a little girl; it was too subtle:


Then I found some really nice beads in various shades of blue, along with some tiny pearls, and I think they will work. But now I need to go get an awl to ream out the holes in the pearls because they are just too small for the stretch cord.

I haven’t worked with stretch cord before, and I doubt that I will do it often. It’s really hard to work with! 😛

While going through my bead stash, I found this partially finished carnelian and horn bead necklace that I made for myself that was too long. See I made a new necklace today regarding necklaces that are too long. So I will restring it and make it much shorter.


I also found some really striking beads in variegated greens that are actually yellow turquoise. I must make a necklace from these, soon!

The variegated beads on the right are yellow turquoise.

So far I am striking out on my course selections for Fall Semester 2018 at The Ohio State University. The prof who is teaching Medieval England is waiting on approval to go on sabbatical that semester instead. And the prof who is holding an honors seminar in the English Department on the Middle Ages thinks that it would bore me, since I have already studied the works that will be covered.

But I do like to get second opinions on literature as well as on medical matters or funny noises in cars. I guess this time, though, I’ll have to find a Plan B or C for Fall Semester.