All that’s left to do on my Midrealm Spring Coronation underdress is to trim the sleeves and hem the bottom. Tonight I trimmed the neckline with the gorgeous wool trim woven by Sibilla Daine.


King Cellach inspected my two embroidery projects. The first one is for my Coronation smokkr, or apron dress.

Embroidered panel for Coronation smokkr.

I had thought that I was finished with that piece of embroidery, but HRM Cellach, who is a Laurel in embroidery (and in many other things), explained that I need to couch down my double herringbone stitches so that they will not get ripped out when I wear my strands of beads hanging from my turtle brooches.

I wouldn’t want that to happen! 😦

So it’s back to working on that piece.

Meanwhile, I showed him my second, secret piece of embroidery that I am doing to surprise a friend. When I said that I intended to use a satin stitch to fill in the broad areas, he suggested that I use instead either a chain stitch, which he thought would be best, or else a Bayeux tapestry stitch. I think I will go with the chain stitch. But I won’t be doing much on it until after Coronation.

Tonight was our weekly Marche of Tirnewydd meeting and fight practice. I couldn’t stay very long because of my cat Sissy needing her antibiotics on schedule. However, not only did I have the chance to benefit from His Royal Majesty’s advice on embroidery, but I also received high compliments on this underdress-in-progress from His Royal Highness Alric of the Mists, who will be elevated to the Kingship at Coronation in May.

An exciting thing about the upcoming reign for me is that Their Royal Highnesses are Vikings too!

I also took along the purple harp and got some practicing done. ❤

Finally, I got permission online afterwards from the Coronation Event Steward, or Autocrat, to organize a Bardic Circle for the event. That will be exciting! And I learned that the master harper Breddelwyn will be playing for entertainment during Feast. What a joy that will be to listen to! 🙂

This is shaping up to be a Coronation to remember!