I’m going to an SCA event about an hour and a half away called “Keep Calm and Ceilidh On.” I had originally been signed up to teach and to retain for HRM King Cellach at this event, but I cancelled both commitments because of my iffy health lately.

Here’s what is posted about the event:

March 24, 2018
At the the Cardinal Center in Gettysburg, Ohio
Site opens at 9am and closes at 11pm.  
Site is Bone Dry per Cardinal Center rules and is located in a dry township.  Weather permitting, Heavy Weapons and Baronial Rapier Championship will be held outside, pavilions and sun shades are welcome.
Site and Feast Fees
Site Fee
Ages 13+: $15*  ($1 off with pre-reg by 03-10-18)
Ages 5-12: $6  ($1 off with pre-reg by 03-10-18)
Under age 5: free
*$5 Discount for all adults (age 13 and over) who can provide proof of membership
*Proof of membership must be shown at door (unless a copy is included with preregistration payment) to take advantage member discount and avoid NMS fee.
Preregistration must be post marked prior to 15 March.
Feast Fee (Limit 48 seats)
Ages 13+: $12 ($2 off with pre-reg by 03-10-17)
Ages 5-12: $6  ($1 off with pre-reg by 03-10-17)
Under age 5: free (Lapsitter)
Pre-Registration will be done via mail in this year. 
Please mail your registration information to:
Gwin Fourman
4362 Swinger Rd
Arcanum, Ohio 45304
Make checks payable to SCA Inc Marche of Norborough
Site is Bone Dry by site rules and is located in a dry township.
Site opens at 9am and closes at 11pm.
Merchant space is limited indoors to first 5 requesters for a 10’ by 5’ space.  You are welcome to set up outside if weather permits. Contact Violet O’Dell if you want to register to merchant inside.  Merchants will be allowed to set up beginning at 8:00am or by special arrangement.
We Are Laser Engraving
Laser engraved customization on everything from personal items to industrial parts. We can mark on acrylic, ceramic, glass, leather, stone, metal wood and more. Find more on their Facebook page: Link
Chainmail Chica
Custom handmade chainmail and beaded jewlery. A local merchant just starting in the SCA. Come show your support. Find more information on their Facebook page: Link
Bacon Sandwiches, tons of bread, cheese, topping and condiment options!
Vegetarians may select a cheese as their sandwich base.
Bagged Chips, Dessert, Canned Soda, and Bottled Water available
Sandwich with all the trimmings: $5
With Chips, Dessert and a drink: $7
Drinks and bagged items available individually: $1 each

Profit goes to benefit the Pennsic camp fund.

At the start of the day there will be a limited number of lunch tokens
available for purchase.  Go ahead and pay for your lunch early so you can
simply stop by and pick it up.
Lunch Tavern is brought to you by Lady Sarah Chapman, please contact her via personal message on Facebook if you have any concerns.
If fighting is able to be outside, look for lunch tavern on the field, if
we are indoors, tavern is USUALLY between the kitchen and bathrooms.
Limited to 48 paid seats, feastocratted by Lord Gregor Burcadis
please contact Lady Shavana (Rashel Green) with any dietary or allergy restrictions/concerns (please mention these before Pre-registration closes)
Hall steward: Lady Shavana Leigh O’Del
First Course
Irish Bannock – (bread made with buttermilk and currants)
Compound Butters – (cherry sage butter, cinnamon honey butter) 
Medieval Stuffed Eggs – (deviled style eggs with herbs and cheeses)
Salat Vert
Second Course 
Genovese Tart (cheese & greens tart)
Pickled Vegetables
Third Course
Leche Lumbarde (spiced meatloaf in the form of peas in a pod)
A Food of Peas (herbed pea casserole)
Roasted Turnips
Final Course
Mini Medieval Cream Tarts
Dates and Almonds in Spiced Honey
To be held at 5pm, followed by feast
Martial Activities:
Fencing Schedules of Events:
10:00 – Rapier List Opens for Authorizations and Pickups
11:00 – Tournament(s)
Lunch Break – Field Open for Pickups
13:00 – Capitaine de Grif Champion Tourney
15:00 – Melee Practice / Pickups
16:15 – Rapier List Closes
Heave Weapons Schedule of Events:
10:00 – List Opens for Authorizations
11:00 – Tournaments: Exact schedule will depend on the number of participants in each 
New Fighter (1 year or less)
Novice Tourney (5 years or less, no awards)
Spear Tourney
Ladder of Reknown
Long Sword Tournament
Steal the Bacon (3 vs 5, defend your bacon)
Time Permitting – 3 Man Warlord
Arts & Science Classes:

Our A&S Coordinator: HL Jerusha a’Laon

Sign up to Teach.

Competitions/Arts & Sciences Activities:
Dancing, after feast
A&S Competition: Ceilidh will be hosting a General Arts & Sciences Display
No Documentation Required
Bring current project finished or not and show us what you’ve GOT!
Overall: Awarded by Populace Vote
Best Embroidered Piece: Awarded by HL Jershua a’Laon
If you are interested in sponsoring an award please contact Jershua via email or phone at (602)423-9203
Best Legs in Kilt:   Gentlemen and Ladies, dust off your socks and kilts and join the Competition!  Vote by applause from the spectators.
Hand Kissing Competition:    Judges to be decided.  Rules of the event will be provided at the competition time.
Due to the dry nature of the site, alcohol may not be entered or judged.
Third Annual Bardic Championship
Let it be known that the 3rd Flaming Gryphon Baronial Bard competition will be held at Keep Calm and Ceilidh On in the Marche of Norborough on Saturday, March 24th!

We call to Our bards, storytellers, singers, skalds, musicians, poets, jesters, and entertainers!   Are you a member of Flaming Gryphon? Do you have a talent for entertainment? Would you like to show the Known World how much you love Flaming Gryphon? Then come to Ceilidh and enter the Baronial Bardic Championship competition!

Entries may be original pieces or based on/taken from the works of other authors or performers (be sure to give credit where credit is due).  Please keep entries under 5 minutes, and written documentation is not required.
The Format of the evening will be “Bring your Best”. No other themes will be in play, we wish to see you at your finest. 
(Brownie points may be awarded for pieces about gryphons or the barony.)
The new Champion will be announced during evening court. We look forward to seeing the talents and skills of Our bards!
Be prepared for a tie, more than one piece available would be a wise choice if you think you have what it takes to win.
Co-Autocrats: Lady Shavana Leigh O’Dell (937)520-6939 
Heavy Marshall in Charge: Sor Ustad Hasan al Hajjii
Second Heavy Marshall: Christofer De Gray
Rapier Marshal in Charge: Warder Costanca
Children’s Boffer:
A&S Class co-ordinator: HL Jerusha a’Laon 
Feastocrat: Lord Gregor Burcardis
Hall Steward: Lady Shavana Leigh O’Dell
Dance Mistress:
Questions or commments: email the Norborough Webminister
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I am taking my harp with me, but I’m not entering the Bardic Competition because I’m not a member of the Barony of Flaming Gryphon. However, I will take my first embroidery project with me for the A&S Display:
I don’t plan to stay for Feast, but I’m definitely going to have one of those bacon sandwiches for lunch! 🙂