Yes, in an hour I will set off to drive an hour west for a real, old-fashioned Hootenanny at the home cum basement-level pub of His Grace William of Fairhaven (mka Pat Savelli) member of the Dayton Celtic band Fin Tan, as well as of the SCA band, Bardic Storm.

Here’s a photo of His Grace at a recent event we both attended, Keeping Calm at Ceilidh:

His Grace William of Fairhaven (mka Pat Savelli of Fin Tan fame) on the right, talking with a newcomer named Jeremy, who was wearing awesome boots plated with metal.

A Hootenanny!

Well, I call it “old-fashioned,” although both Jimmy Buffett and Pink Floyd have songs on our playlist, which features 56 tunes arranged for easy guitar picking, with such other popular artists as Bob Dylan, The Travelin’ Wilburys, and Tom Paxton represented. And of course there are many traditional songs as well.

But it’s not old-fashioned in the sense that we will be wearing our Medieval outfits. 😉

I’m taking my little Yamaha travel guitar with me, but not its Fender Mini-Twin amp, since this is an all-acoustic gathering.


The Fender Mini-Twin replaces the Vox Mini-5 Rhythm, which I returned. I didn’t like its rhythm thing, especially since there was no way to hook up a foot pedal to it in order to start and stop the rhythm section.

I’ll be meeting up with other Columbus-area SCA friends like Halle Snyder and Ginny Beatty at the Hoot. We all went to the Festival of Maidens together in January. See Festival of Maidens 2018. Here are photos of Ginny and Halle at the  Maidens after-party, as well as of Bardic Storm performing there, with Pat in modern clothes (!):

I’ll try to take some pics at the Hootenanny and post them, but I make no promises. Playing music must take precedence! 🙂