Today I finally sewed the straps onto my Coronation smokkr, or apron dress, which is the layer that goes over my Viking kirtle, or underdress.  See Coronation underdress finished! And my Mother… The straps are only sewn onto the back of the smokkr. In the front they will be attached by my turtle brooches.

I’ve started hemming and have finished the back and one gore. And I’ve put the smokkr on top of the red kirtle and fastened it with my fanciest pair of turtlebrooches. Time to take pictures! Some are from my usual camera, the one in my phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and some are from my old camera, a Canon Powershot Elph. I’ll group the photos from each device separately. (Isn’t it funny how we now use the word “device”? Tech is informing our vocabularies, for better or worse…)

This first group is from my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera:


These are from the Canon Elph:


But the nice thing about the Elph is that it has a macro lens:

coronation garb, key detailcoronation garb, sleeve and panel detailscoronation garb, valkyrie detail

I discovered, in pinning the embroidered silk panel to the smokkr, that I wanted a much longer piece of red silk against the marigold linen than I had envisioned at the start of the project. Which may very well necessitate some more rows of embroidery. *Sigh.* Will I never be finished with this first embroidery piece? 😛


After sleeping on it, I decided to stay with the size of the silk panel as I had originally planned it. Here’s how it approximately will look. At the moment it is just sloppily folded and pinned onto the smokkr:


However, for my next fancy occasion in warm weather, I will add some nice trim to the bottom of the smokkr, and possibly embroider the straps. I’m definitely into bling! 😉