Yesterday I got some really great news. I don’t have colon cancer, and I don’t have bone cancer. For a couple of weeks, both of those were at issue, and I was on veritable tenterhooks. Finally in the middle of the night I wrote a long, anguished letter to my primary care physician (“PCP”), on the internal messaging system called OSUMyChart that connects patients with their doctors at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

I explained to her the contradictory opinions I had gotten, on one day, as to whether or not I had colon cancer. The doctor who said that I did is a resident in her own internal medicine practice. The other doctor, who said I did not have cancer, is in a different practice group, but still in the OSU system. They were both consulting the same biopsy results from the colonoscopy performed when I was an inpatient for five days right up to Easter, or Passover.

Meanwhile, although the results of procedures are usually available to patients on OSUMyChart, for some reason none of the results of my colonoscopy or the inpatient CT scan or MRIs were showing up for me, although any doctor in the system who had my authorization to have information available to them could access these results. And then tell me opposite opinions regarding something as important and basic to not only my physical, but my mental, health as whether or not I had cancer.

I cried “Foul” to my PCP and asked her in my letter which opinion was right, and also why my nuclear whole-body bone scan, whose results the radiologist said would be posted by the time I got home from the scan on Thursday afternoon, were not there either. Just a little question, you know? Like, do I have bone cancer, or not?

Happily, she wrote back as soon as the office was open and apologized for the confusion and my resulting distress. She had not been responsible for my results being hidden from me. Indeed she went about getting at least some of them posted.

But most importantly, she told me that I don’t have colon cancer or bone cancer.

I feel now like I have a new lease on life! ❤

And I am grateful for the presence of the Holy Spirit by my side every moment of the day and night, whether or not I am aware of Her. She comforts me in time of trouble, and rejoices with me in times of great relief. ❤