This is like a school report, “What I Did Last Summer,” except that in this case, it’s “What I did today.” LOL. 🙂

OK, so here’s part of what I did today. First of all, although I was up as usual at the crack of dawn, I managed to not consult my calendar and thus arrived at my 10 am appointment at 11 am instead. Eleven is our usual time, but this week was an add-on visit, and it was earlier. Oops! At least I got to pop my head in the door and tell Dr. Brenner the great news about my health. 🙂 See Good news!

Then on the way home, I stopped at Pier One, always a dangerous proposition. It was indeed dangerous, but not as bad as it could have been. I got these cute little napkins on a huge post-Easter clearance sale. There were two packs left, so one was for me, and one was for my friend Janet who was due to stop by later.


OK, I’m busted. 😛 No way could I get out of Pier One with just a couple of packs of paper napkins, however cute. Not when these mugs were also on clearance, especially since they are in one of my favorite patterns, “Botanical Floral.”


Enough excess!

Back home I paid bills and did some cleaning, mostly to avoid working on couching my Double Herringbone embroidery project for my Coronation smokkr. I did one row out of the three yesterday, and my hands are still complaining!

The top row of stitches has been couched twice in each double stitch, at the suggestion of HRM King Cellach, a Laurel in embroidery.

I worked some more on His Excellency, Baron Talymar’s and my Bardic presentation for Coronation. He will be reading from The White Hart, Book One: Destined Paths, his recently-published book, and I will accompany him on the harp. I needed to time our selections to make sure that we wouldn’t run over fifteen minutes. It should be just right!

The cover photography and art on The White Hart, Book One are by none other than my most excellent weaver friend, Joy Selby Cain. See Hand-woven wool by Joy Selby Cain. I thought she had mentioned at one point that she was working on The White Hart (they are putting together Book Two right now), but I dismissed it as incorrect hearing on my part. Little did I know what a multi-talented person Joy is! ❤


I also devoted some more time today to studying Havamal, or Sayings of the High One, from The Poetic Edda. I’m pretty sure that the excerpts I will recite, while accompanying myself on the harp, during Evening Court at Coronation will come from the Carolyne Larrington translation, although I have four translations here at home, and also have it online in Old Norse through one of my study groups. But I’m not going to subject anyone to me reciting it  in Old Norse! 😛

Then I got on a bathroom-cleaning kick before Janet came over, which continued after she left. But while she was here, we watched what Janet pronounced as “A beautiful movie.” I must agree!


We also talked about Pennsic and the SCA, as well as Monday Night Sewing Circle that has been on hiatus, but hopefully will resume soon; and of course making medieval clothes, or “garb,” in SCA parlance. We looked in a few books about perod clothing after we saw Tulip Fever.

We also talked at some length about how to hold down our flimsy modern dome tents in the event of a thunderstorm at Pennsic. Janet recommended getting really long nails at the hardware store and using them as stakes. I like that idea!

Janet brought over a copy of the book, Song of Robin Hood, for me to borrow. It contains many of the Robin Hood ballads, with ALL their verses, and really enchanting graphics.


When Janet left my place this evening, snow was falling again 😦


Will this winter EVER end?

Now I’m too sleepy to stay awake any longer. Wish me luck, and good dreams! ❤