Today was the kind of day you think of here in central Ohio USA when you think of spring. And until today we hadn’t really had too many days like this. But today was spring indeed: sunny, mild, temperatures peaking in the upper 60’s F.

A perfect day to stop by the closest Metro Park!

Yes, I was just at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park a little over a week ago, but why not make a habit of a good thing? And this time I didn’t even fall into the marsh. LOL. See Adventures in Wetland Birding (or, Timi Takes a Dunking!)

And besides, I was in a different area of this huge, over 7000 acre spread. Today I went to the Cedar Ridge Picnic Area.


Cedar Ridge Picnic Area has two large playground areas, as well as a court for volleyball, shelterhouses with picnic tables, freestanding tables, a ranger station which contains exhibitions from time to time, restroom facilities, a lodge for group activities, and several trailheads that connect to the waterways below.

Setting off on Cobshell Trail, I wear a scarf and my new Pusheen hoodie.

Today I headed right for the trail, as is my habit. Here’s what it looks like:



The Metro Parks do a great job of maintaining the trails, although the freshly-spread gravel made the trek down the bluff to the waterside a bit treacherous as the gravel slid out from between my feet.


Once down by the water, I was entranced as I always am by the clarity of the water and the poetry of the trees overhanging it.



This video doesn’t exist


On my way back up Cobshell Trail, I shed a few layers of clothes!

On my way back up the bluff to the picnic area on the Cobshell Trail, I encountered this young Columbus family whose brave young father pushed a double stroller through the deep gravel, although he noted that his girls, ages 2 and 4, got out and hiked back up the trail so that it would be a bit easier on him.



Now the day has clouded over, the wind has gotten up again, and the temperatures are falling. Is spring gone again so soon?