Last night as Sewing Circle was starting to wrap up its business (which consists largely of talking, with some very desultory sewing, LOL), I got a phone call from Missy, my youngest brother’s wife. She and Chris live in Connecticut, so immediately I thought something might be wrong.

Missy reassured me on that score. Instead, she was calling because she and Chris were in Columbus to pick up their son who was finishing his first year at Ohio State University.

She wondered whether she, Chris and I could get together this morning to have breakfast before they drove back to the East Coast.

We arranged to meet at Sunny Street Cafe on Hospital Drive in Dublin, a suburb of Columbus located to its northwest and directly north of my own suburb of Hilliard.


I had the huevos rancheros, which I ordered with a bit of trepidation since this isn’t a Mexican restaurant. But I needn’t have worried: it was an excellent dish, accurately spiced and accompanied by black beans with fresh salsa. Muy sabroso!


One of the many things that I liked about this Sunny Street Cafe, besides the friendliness of the proprietors and every employee who I encountered, was the spick-and-span cleanliness of the entire place. From the kitchen to the women’s room, the dining room, to the lobby, everything shone! And it would have been quite easy to see if it hadn’t, because everything about this location and its charming, humorous decor lives up to its name, Sunny Street. 🙂




The piece de resistance at Sunny Street Cafe was lurking in a glass cabinet as we left: the most delightful cookies! We got a frog for college freshman Ben and a ladybug for Missy:


Missy and I agreed that the cookies on the top shelf looked equally tempting. 😛