Today I dropped the class I had been taking at university, about London in the 16th and 17th centuries, mostly because of my health problems.

It also was not the class that I had really hoped to take this semester. The one I really wanted to take was called The Court of Charlemagne, but for some reason unknown to me, it ended up not being offered.

Next semester starts in early January, which is the start of the dead of winter here. There is a class I would like to take that semester, if I am healthy enough and brave enough to drive into the city for it several times a week. That class is about medieval England, offered by the English historian, Sara M. Butler.

So it will be awhile before I go again to a bricks and mortar school.

Meanwhile, though, I’m signed up for an online class on 500 years of royal British fashion, from Henry the Eighth to Elizabeth II, which starts in October.

I could also finish up the online class I started last year about the most heavily-fortified frontier of the Roman Empire, which was Hadrian’s Wall, which you can still see the remnants of in northern England. That class was really good, but very time-intensive, and I ended up getting behind the rest of the class. But now I might start where I left off….

There’s always more to learn!