Today I discovered Yoplait’s French-style yogurt, fittingly called “Oui.” It is outrageously expensive, but my sister-in-law is a fabulous French teacher and besides, look at this cute glass jar:


As you may be able to tell, I gobbled it right up. It was really, really good. Key lime is my favorite flavor, but it is usually too sweet. Not with Oui, though. It is just right! ❤

My little china baby doll thinks so too, even though she didn’t get a taste.


I’m angsting around at my desk, terrified because I can’t get my printer to work. How can I survive without a printer? And all my money must go to support my upcoming Iceland trip (see I’m going to Iceland, after all! and many following posts on that trip).

But I am a printaholic! 😛

For example, I just submitted my proposal fo the OSU Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies annual symposium, Popular Culture and the Deep Past. The 2019 two-day symposium will be in February, and is entitled “Fairies and the Fantastic.”

Popular Culture and the Deep Past 2019: Fairies and the Fantastic

PCDP 2019: Fairies and the Fantastic

February 22-23, 2019

The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the Ohio State University invites abstracts and panel proposals on the topic of Fairies and the Fantastic.  The submission deadline is October 31, 2018.  In the Prologue to Chaucer’s Wife of Bath’s Tale, the narrator reminisces about a time when the land was full of fairies and the Elf Queen danced merrily on the green.  In the centuries since Chaucer, fairies, far from disappearing, have lived on in the popular imagination and its creations.  This conference is especially interested in Fairies and the Fantastic in the broadly conceived Medieval and Renaissance periods, but it also invites papers that look back to earlier examples of fairy belief or that explore the uses of fairies in later popular culture.  All approaches are welcome, from literary, artistic, cinematic, and gaming analyses, to historical and cultural investigations.  We also encourage papers with broad geographical scope that examine the ‘presence’ of fairies outside Western Europe–in Scandinavia, Persia, and other parts of the world.

Twenty-minute papers will be organized thematically into two-hour sessions of four papers each, ranging across two days. Submissions for entire sessions are welcome, in which case a session title and abstract should be submitted, along with individual paper titles and abstracts from the different presenters.

Abstracts for sessions and individual papers should be limited to 250 words.

In keeping with the spirit of past PCDP events, the academic conference will be part of a broader ‘carnival’ of events and activities, including food- and culture-ways demonstrations; exhibits of artwork, books, and manuscripts; combat; gaming; and Cosplay.  We welcome proposals for non-academic presentations and activities.


I wrote up an email with my proposal and submitted it, but I CAN’T PRINT IT OUT! 😦 Here most of it is, as a Word document, but I need it in print! on paper!

“Timi Townsend tells tales of  trolls, elves, fairies, and the Hidden People of Iceland, Norway, Finland, and the British Isles, interspersing them with songs on her 26-string purple folk harp.

“The songs, some sung to the harp and some instrumental-only, range from folk music to medieval, Renaissance, and 17th- and 18th- century tunes, all with a fey twist. Enchanting for all ages, as long as the child within you still lives!

“And if you ask her if you may play the purple harp yourself, we bet she’ll say yes!”

While I do not plan to wear fairy wings, I will dress in medieval-feeling purple clothes to match my purple harp.

My Early Modern London prof, whose class I dropped several weeks ago due to health problems, actually encouraged me to apply. I hope they choose me. It would be lots of fun to do! 🙂

Besides my printer not working, WordPress has been very problematic lately. It doesn’t allow me to choose a featured image, and it seems like it takes hours to load a preview, if it will load on at all!

Technology. *Sigh.* Gotta have it, but man, sometimes…. grrrr! 😦