In my last post (see it here) I listed everything I wanted to take for my week in Iceland next June, and took pictures of most of it. Since then, I’ve changed things around, but only to swap out a heavy fleece for two medium-weight hooded sweaters.

And guess what? It does all fit!


As you can see, Sissy is not at all bothered by having a biggish suitcase flung on the bed next to her! LOL. 🙂

Here are the two hooded sweaters, which are standing in for one of the fleece jackets (I’ll still have one or two fleeces left):



They were 70% off the SALE price at an Eddie Bauer Warehouse store that is about ten minutes from me. I also snagged some really nice pants for $9.99 each–alas, way too small, although supposedly my size–and a pair of water-proof sneakers, originally $130, marked down to $34.99.  But the sneakers just don’t feel comfy. I’ll try them on again before I do take them back, along with the pants, which have no chance of fitting my body by June! 😛

So here’s what has made the list for my checked bag:

(My rain jacket and puffer jacket–if I take the puffer in its tiny bag)–will go in my carry-on, along with my prescription meds in their original bottles, and a hat, scarf ,and gloves).

  1. One heavy-weight Columbia hooded fleece jacket in a very dark plum.
  2. One medium-weight Eddie Bauer high-collar fleece jacket in dark teal.
  3. Two medium-weight Eddie Bauer hooded sweaters (see above photo).
  4. Two really nice pairs of Columbia rain pants that don’t look or feel like rain pants, in dark gray.
  5. Four pairs of leggings/base layers: two light-weight, one medium-, one heavy. These are from Paradox and Duo-Fold, to go under the rain pants.
  6. Eight pairs of socks, six medium-weight, and two heavyweight pairs from Bombas.
  7. Eight panties.
  8. Three bras.
  9. One short-sleeve K-Tek fast-dry T-shirt in dark purple.
  10. One long-sleeve K-Tek fast-dry T-shirt in hot pink.
  11. One long-sleeve floral Tek-Gear pink and purple floral shirt with purple sleeves.
  12. One long-sleeve gray Duo-Fold Warm-Control fast-dry shirt.
  13. One light-weight Tek-Gear maroon hoodie with zip.
  14. Two long-sleeve light-weight Nike running shirts, with high-collared zipped necks in blue and black.
  15. One extra-large microfiber towel in blue with hot-pink piping, in carry-bag.
  16. One black bathing suit, old -lady-style with skirt. LOL. 😛
  17. Some food: a small jar of peanut butter, flour tortillas and a dozen hard-boiled eggs.
  18. Flushable wipes and feminine hygiene pads.
  19. A bag with a few other toiletries, including a small first-aid kit and a sewing kit.
  20. My sneakers.
  21. The other hat, scarf, and gloves.

That’s about it for my checked bag. Other things will go in my carryon, which will probably not be my roller carryon, but rather my medium-size backpack:


My small backpack will be my “personal item” that goes under the seat in front of me. In it will be my smartphone and my Kindle, along with my wallet/purse and travel documents:


Here’s my wallet, which usually functions as my purse, since I take my small backpack if I need more “junk” with me:


Here are all three pieces of non-checked luggage. I won’t have much in either backpack, so if they don’t let me take the little turquoise one as my personal item, I will fold it up and put it in the gray backpack carry-on piece.  Voila!


Notice the little bells on each piece of luggage? They are pewter Guardian Bells, good-luck charms. You can find them online. I usually get several at a time (they are usually $12 USD each) for small gifts for friends, guests, and hosts. They come in lots of designs. My favorites are the Gnome, the Fleur de Lis and the Celtic.

By the way, I’ll wear my jeans and hiking boots, so they won’t take up so much room in my luggage…

My airfare allows for one checked bag, a carry-on, and a personal item, so I should be OK. I am paying about $30 extra to get a preferred seat in Economy class, so I will have more leg room. It is not at all the longest flight I’ve been on (that was my many trips back and forth to Istanbul, Turkey), but for such a little amount of money and considering my arthritic knees and hips, I think it’s money well-spent!

My checked bag is the first size up from a carry-on. No way have I ever wanted to wrangle one of those huge checked bags!