I got a luggage strap for my trip to Iceland, mostly because I don’t entirely trust the zipper on my case, even though it’s a Samsonite. The strap, which crosses the lavender case in both directions, is a pretty pale blue.

I wonder if it will be taken off by the TSA folks and not put back on? It was inexpensive. Maybe I’ll order another one and take it along inside the case for use on the return trip.

Or do you think that would just be a waste of a few USD’s, $$, which I’m trying to conserve so that I can spend them when I’m in-country in Iceland itself?

After all, although you can find bargain-basement airfares to get there, once you are there, Iceland is the most expensive country in Europe to visit. 😦

Now I’m getting all paranoid about arriving in Iceland and finding that my checked bag is….. EMPTY. Yikes!

Let’s change to a happier packing topic:

Compressible packing cubes are something else that I’ve gotten for the trip. I’ve heard a lot about how great they are. I ordered two sets. They were also inexpensive, like the strap.

I hate the way that clothes in a suitcase get so jumbled up after you arrive at your destination if you have nowhere else to put them, which I won’t.

So, we’ll see if the cubes help either with that or else with fitting more clothes into my case than I would be able to otherwise.

Here is one set of packing cubes. The largest-size cubes from each of the two sets will fit into my suitcase side by side. My advice for you before ordering is to measure your case!