Today I am honoring Millie Thom of England, who is, among her many other attributes,

–a fellow Iceland enthusiast, which is how we found each other on the blogosphere (although she has the distinction of actually having been to Iceland, whereas I’m merely in the planning stages of a trip there);

–a published author of wonderful books in historical, cultural, and geographical settings that we are both drawn to (England and Scandinavia in the early- to middle- Medieval period–think Vikings and/or Alfred the Great); her latest volume, Wyvern of Wessex,  is part of an amazingly well-researched and -written historical fiction series called Sons of Kings. They are all available on Amazon in Kindle format, and I highly recommend it and its preceding books;

–a WordPress blogger with many other awards to her name for her own blog, Millie Thom: Bringing History to Life, which is one that you really should follow, if you haven’t already;

–AND, most relevant to this particular award, the person who has read and commented on, thoughtfully and kindly, the most posts from my blog in one sitting! ❤

And we’ve never even met in real life! 😛

This feat in itself is indeed worthy of an honor!

Ta da!

gold viking goblet from Pinterest, Google Search
Gold Viking goblet from Pinterest, Google search, October 2, 2018:

As to the award pictured above, it was labeled merely a “gold Viking goblet,” on Pinterest. I found it upon doing a Google search, my third or fourth one, after earlier search terms proved unsatisfactory. This time I used the terms “images medieval cup.”

I do wonder, however, how “tippy” this goblet might be, were it put to use. Look at its narrow base, contrasting with the broad area for holding mead or other wine.

Luckily Millie doesn’t have to put it to that test, but only gaze on its beauty! ❤