“Here be monsters,” as old maps used to say toward the edges of the known world. It looks like they thought those monsters resided close to Iceland:

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Image: Hackernoon. https://hackernoon.com/here-be-dragons-98650d49b2a0

But as for me, my trip to Iceland in June doesn’t feature monsters at all! 🙂

snaeffels-peninsula-1132014-222515_horiz-large (1)
Snaefellsnes, Iceland. Photo credit: unknown.

Before June, I’ve gotten Professor Sara M. Butler’s permission to audit her Medieval England class for Spring Semester.

Although “Spring” may be a bit of a misnomer, since classes run from the beginning of January through the third week of April. Not much springlike weather during that time period! Think instead: winter in middle North America, with a couple of weeks of spring at the end, hopefully! 😛

But someone told me that climatologists are predicting a mild and relatively dry winter for our area of central Ohio, USA, which would be fabulous, since I’ll be hiking across a huge campus, after first arriving there on foot from my off-campus parking spot.

And due to the timing of the class, I’ll first have to fight morning rush hour twice a week. But at least it’s not three times a week!

Besides, I really do want a better overview of the history of England from the time of the Roman conquest to 1485. This class will give me just that! 🙂

Before my class starts in January, I’ll be going to the Middle Marches Baronial Twelfth Night celebration on the first Saturday of January. ❤