I spent Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas (which is my birthday) in the hospital for severe depression. Altogether I was in two different hospitals for a total of seven days.

The second hospital, where I was during the holidays themselves, was much better than the first. Especially since there was a special meal to which we could invite family members on Christmas Eve.

The prime rib was delicious and so tender that you hardly needed the plastic knife (which was all we were permitted to use in the psych hospital– lol) to cut it.  My younger son Jason really enjoyed the dinner with me. ❤

Plus our unit got a special treat of ice cream on my birthday. 🙂

And I’m happy to say that I am feeling much better than I was before I spent the holidays in the hospital.  The depression has lessened significantly, without rebounding into mania (at least not so far), which is always a possibility when you have bipolar disorder type 1.  I’ve been badly depressed since the summer, so it is a great relief to finally feel better! 🙂

I made a good friend in the second hospital, who was my roommate there. She is now staying with me for a few days while she gets a new place for herself and her three kids. ❤

And I haven’t missed all of the holidays!

Some friends are giving an 80’s-themed Near Year’s Eve party that I’m going to. My costume is “Flashdance”-inspired. You know the look: a big T-shirt that falls off one shoulder, legwarmers, et cetera, all in neon colors. I will be a granny-aged Flashdancer! 😉

Related image
A typical “Flashdance” costume for an 80’s party. Image from Amazon.com. I will be skipping the stilettos! 😉

I’m also looking forward to Spring Semester at Ohio State, where I’ll be taking two classes, Medieval English History, and Chaucer. My classes start January 9th, and I gave myself a Christmas/birthday present of a new pair of hiking shoes for trekking across the huge wintry campus. They are ultimately destined for my Iceland trip this summer!

Sissy and new hiking boots, Dec. 2018
Sissy poses on the bed beside my new hiking shoes.