Today I decided which Golden Circle day trip to take in Iceland. (See My big quandary).

I finally thought of telling Viktoria, who works for Loft Hostel’s Tour Desk, and who has been helping me make changes to my itinerary, that my main interest for the Golden Circle tour would be in the history of the Althing and the sagas. I asked her if she could recommend which of the many Golden Circle trips they offer would be best, considering my interests.

She checked with some tour operators, and recommended one for me, a small group tour  by Saga Travel GeoIceland, which is actually by the same company that I’ll be traveling the South Coast with the next day. (See Iceland’s South Coast by day trip).

So I’m very happy now with my itinerary, and am counting the months till my trip, three months from now, which seems so short, considering that I started planning it last fall! 🙂

Gulfoss, Image from Saga Travel GeoIceland
Thingvellir National Park, home of the Althing. Image by Saga Travel GeoIceland