I am grieving for my sweet kitty Ophelia, who I had put to sleep yesterday. She had a brain abscess that was probably malignant, given the amount of weight she had lost.

She put up a brave show until the end, even though she was in pain. When I came downstairs yesterday morning, she was up in the cat tree surveying the backyard, but she came down right away for a tiny bit of breakfast.

Ophelia Feb 28, 2018 in cat tree 1

This is a picture from last year. Lately she had been mostly occupying one level up on the tree, on the curved ledge. But there have been times when she had gone all the way to the top, which isn’t visible here, and then crossed over to the top of the bookshelf.

Most recently, this month, I took photos of her as she was curled up in her toy basket, and then in the new gray cat bed I ordered for her.

Ophelia in the toy basket June 2019Ophelia's new cat bed June 2019

Other photos of her that I like include these:

Ophelia helping sew my new bow case CROPPED
Ophelia always liked to “help” me with sewing projects.
psaltery gig bag 2 with Ophelia
More sewing “help.”
Ophelia in the pink chair
Looking elegant on the pink chair.
Sissy and Ophelia on my bed, Jan 2018
Sissy, left, and Ophelia, right.

Jill Hardin, the woman who fostered Ophelia when she first came, pregnant, to Cat Welfare, loved her too. She posted an “R.I.P. my sweet angel” on Facebook with this photo she had taken of her:

Ophelia by Jill Hardin R.I.P.

Jill’s sister Kelsey also posted a photo of Ophelia wearing a snazzy bow:

Ophelia by Kelsey Hardin R.I.P.

Obviously Ophelia captured many people’s hearts during her lifetime. ❤

I only wish she were still with me. I will miss her every day. 😦