I finally moved the Madagascar palms out of the downstairs bathroom where they had spent the winter onto the sunny front porch. Really I should have done it a month ago.

The downstairs half-bath is also known as the Three K Gallery, because of the art prints that hang there: by Klimt, Kahlo, and Kandinsky.

Madagascar palm in bathroom
One of the two Madagascar palms given to me several years ago by Tim Porges, my Grinnell College buddy from back in the day. The palms happily over-winter in the Three K Gallery, also known as the downstairs bathroom.

But the gallery lacked something after the palms had gone outside to their summer quarters.

I had to stop at Meijer, my local big box store, today to pick up a prescription and return some ill-advised and  badly-fitting summer clothes. And there in the usually unimpressive floral area (Kroger is actually much better, in terms of floral stuff), was this colorfully delightful, and inexpensive, bromeliad.

The bromeliad.

It came home with me and made a very nice addition to the Three K Gallery, aka the downstairs bathroom.

bromeliad in the bathroom

I hope it has a long and happy life here! ❤