I’ve received my books for my Fall Semester class, Medieval Kyoto, at The Ohio State University. See Medieval Kyoto for Fall Semester.

One of the required texts is Kyoto: City of Zen, which features great photography of the many UNESCO Heritage Sites in the city. There’s also a required book about Kyoto’s cultural history, as well as a recommended text on Japanese literature from the earliest times to the mid-nineteenth century. I got all three.

Fall Semester starts for me on August 21st and goes through December 3rd. I think this class will be really fascinating and enjoyable! 🙂

My books for Medieval Kyoto this Fall Semester at OSU.

Meanwhile I’ve been catsitting for my friend and neighbor Sue while she is in Texas helping her mother convalesce from surgery. Her cats, Bo and Liza, are litter-mates, young and frisky and loving. ❤

I got some photos of them playing. Their favorite toy was an old, somewhat broken wand with a sturdy string that had lost its fancy ending quite awhile ago.

Here is Liza, who can be told apart from her brother by her smaller stature and the fact that both her eyes are surrounded by black fur:

At first Liza stayed close to the table where the treats jar resides. 🙂


Liza pounces on the toy.
Liza at rest after a hard morning’s playtime.

And Bo:

Beauty boy Bo.
Bo’s turn to play.
Bo makes the capture.


Bo thought that Jon Snow should have gotten the Iron Throne in GoT. Here he is at ease while Dany and her only remaining dragon set King’s Landing alight:

Bo couldn’t care less about the fate of King’s Landing! 😛

Meanwhile my cat Sissy, who is a much older kitty than Bo and Liza, is at home a couple doors down from Sue’s place:

My cat Sissy.

And the bromeliad plant is flourishing, so far, in its spot in my downstairs bathroom.

The bromeliad.