I discovered Stock Snap today, where you can get some great free images. In addition to the one of a bee on a sprig of lavender, above, here are some others that I saw and liked today.

pine tree and shale cliff from StockSnap
Pine tree and shale cliffs on Stock Snap. Image by Free Nature Stock.
bee on purple coneflower from StockSnap
Bee on purple cone-flower from Stock Snap. Image by Matthias Zomer.
misty mountain valley cloudy landscape scenic mountains sky dramatic nature outdoors view clouds weather countryside
Not sure where this is. Maybe Norway? Photo on Stock Snap, by Tyler Lastovich.
colored umbrellas street color sky colorful floating bright pattern outside multicolored art creative
Umbrellas, on Stock Snap. Image by Joe deSousa.
fair amusement park fairground night carnival ride blur abstract fun background colorful lights trails
Let’s go to the fair! from Stock Snap. Image by Tim Sullivan.

Stock Snap has literally all kinds of photos that are free to copy or download. Check it out here:  Stock Snap