I was looking at the results from some lab tests ordered today by my new rheumatologist, who I’m seeing for my arthritis. I like her a lot, even if she did stick a needle in my knee to remove fluid and put in steroid medication. Ouch!

While I was looking at today’s lab results (nothing worrisome so far), my eye wandered down the list of tests to the CT scans that had been done in February when I fell from outside the bathtub, into it, as I was walking rapidly towards it, then fainting.

I knew that the CT scan showed that my nose was broken, because they told me that in the hospital. And I had the pain, swelling, and two black eyes to show for it, for quite awhile afterwards.

But I discovered today that my broken nose had been a “comminuted nasal bone fracture.”

I looked that up and discovered that comminuted fractures are when a bone is “broken with such force that it splinters into more than two pieces.”  It often happens in car accidents.

Yikes! What a horrible image: that my nasal bone  was splintered into more than two pieces.

Finding this out made my nose hurt all over again. 😦

I’m so suggestible. LOL. 😛

I am going to ask my primary care doctor, when I see her later this month, to refer me to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. She had offered to make the referral earlier, when my nose was still healing up.

I want to get the referral now, because I can’t breathe out of my nose when I’m lying down on my left side.

It’s a bit of a worry, because comminuted bone fractures often require surgery to heal correctly. I really do not want to have surgery on my nose! 😦 But it’s no use worrying about it until and unless I get told that I do need surgery.

I will just chill out for now, not thinking about comminuted bone fractures.

And I will lie on my right side. 🙂