I finally found my tiny Christmas tree and ornaments in my basement, which resembles a jungle. 😛

This afternoon I put them up, although the plaster Santa face still has to be hung up high on a wall. My son Jason will do that for me on Christmas morning.

Meanwhile, the Santa resides in my late kitty Ophelia’s Advent basket.  See Ophelia at Advent.  Finding the basket and knowing that she wouldn’t be in it this year made me very sad. Here she is in 2016:


You can see how she made that basket her own. I almost didn’t bring it upstairs because it would remind me of her so much, but then I realized that I can use the basket to carry small Christmas gifts in. Meanwhile, Santa gets to live there.

These aren’t my best photos, or my best job at Christmas decorations. I’ll see if I can find a photo from a previous year, too.

closeup of tabletop Christmas tree and lute playing angel 2019


my tabletop Christmas tree and lute playing angel 2019

tree topper
The tree topper

Santa's face in Ophelia's Advent basket

Santa's face cropped

Finally, here’s a photo from 2016. I see I used some larger red ornaments that I didn’t put on the tree this year, and way more candles!

Christmas tabletop tree 2016

I’m going to cheat and use the 2016 photo for my featured image this time. 😛

Will I get a lump of coal in my stocking for doing that? 😉

But the most blessed, EXCELLENT news is that this year, for the first time in decades, I will be spending Christmas with my family. ❤

Woo hoo!