This guy was found on the ocean floor in a deep sea canyon off the coast of Puerto Rico.  You can see him walking in a short video below.

According to the website, Educate Inspire Change:

So much of the deep sea is unexplored that it isn’t hard to find something that hasn’t been seen before and amazes us.

During NOAA’s Okeanos exploration of the Mona Canyon off the coast of Puerto Rico during the Oceano Profundo a deep sea fish was filmed walking along the bottom. The Pink Frogmouth, Chaunax pictus, is a type of anglerfish that uses modified fins to “walk” across the seafloor.

This fish has been living for so long here that its fins have changed into something more useful – feet. They help it shuffle about on the sea floor.

The pink frogmouth has a depth range of 200 – 978 meters and has been documented in both the Atlantic and Mediterranean. The food of choice for this walking fish is exclusively shrimp.

000Frogmouth2Picture: Multibeam Map of the Mona Canyon / Source:  NOAA