Supper tonight was Tuscan white bean soup with a cheese biscuit crumbled in.

I have to admit it:

Unlike so many other people I see on social media or talk to on the phone, I’m hardly doing anything during this coronavirus lockdown, except cook, eat, sleep, and watch copious amounts of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

I read somewhere that it should be called COVID-20, because that’s how much weight we’ll probably gain while we’re locked down. That might be accurate in my case, although it would be quite unfortunate, since I went into this thing needing to lose 20 lbs, not gain them.

Today’s binge-watching included the third season of Ozark, one of the best things on Netflix, most of the first season of Freud, and a movie called Angel Has Fallen, a peppy action thriller flick that I enjoyed a lot because the lead actor, Gerard Butler, is not classically handsome.

Yesterday I was mostly watching Amazon Prime, but it got wiped from my memory banks not because of any deficiencies in whatever I watched, but because I’m not in a “view to remember” state.

I’m in a “view to pass the darn time” state.

I have read a couple of books, too, including the last Asa Larsson Swedish mystery novel featuring prosecutor Rebecka Martinsson and the people and environs of far north Sweden.

I highly recommend Asa Larsson’s books, which are in English translation. But I don’t recommend the Swedish TV series called Rebecka Martinsson that is based on the books because it fails to adequately transform the books to the screen.

I also tried to place a grocery order at my usual store for delivery or pickup, with no luck. But I was able to place an order for pickup at a different store to pick up in a week. 

I sure hope I have enough groceries to last till then…

But if I keep cooking and eating the quantities I’ve been indulging in so far, it might be touch and go!