Getting groceries during lockdown here has not been easy for me. Because of my age and health conditions, I must avoid shopping in person at the store.

I did go to one of the ‘senior hours’ for people over 60 or with compromised immune systems. The place was packed. It was more like ‘The King’s Men’ than ‘The Merry Maidens.’ 😛

Most of the other people there wore surgical masks and Nitrile gloves, neither of which I have.

Since then, in my state of Ohio USA there is now an order to wear cloth masks while in public.  I have fashioned one from a bandanna and two rubber bands.

Two weeks ago I managed to get one load of groceries from my regular store, to be picked up in the parking lot. But now all the available time slots for my store are always unavailable.

So I switched to another nearby store that is slightly more expensive and has less selection than my usual store. A week ago I was able to place a pickup order from that store, with a pickup date of April 15th, two days from now.

I should be able to last until then with the groceries I already have.

I just hope that I have thought of everything I will need for the next two or three weeks in the order I’m picking up on Wednesday! 🙂

While I’m here, I’ll post a YouTube video on handwashing during the pandemic. It’s by Dr. Jackson Crawford and features two Old Norse stanzas from Havamal, which is a collection of sayings by Odin. There’s also an English translation in the video: