Today I found my new companion!

She is Darlene, a small four year-old black domestic shorthair cat. The picture above is not her. But it looks like her.  And she very much enjoys playing with the feathers at the end of the wand toy I got in anticipation of adopting a cat.

It’s been a little over a year since my beloved cat Ophelia died, in late June 2019, and almost a year since my last cat Sissy died, at the beginning of September 2019.  Although they had enjoyed long and happy lives, losing them both in such a short period of time really knocked me off-balance.

I didn’t think I would ever have a cat again and proceeded to give away all my accumulated cat stuff.

But in the past couple of weeks, I decided I wanted another cat. Both Ophelia and Sissy had come to me in recent dreams and seemed to be encouraging me to get another kitty.

So today, with my friend and neighbor Sue, I went to the Columbus Humane Society to look at cats. Sue had adopted both of hers there about three years ago. They are a lovely black-and-white brother and sister pair: Bobo and Liza.

Sue did the driving, which was very kind of her.

The Humane Society is now doing adoptions only by appointment, because of COVID-19.  My appointment, which I had made on Friday, was for today at 3:00 pm.

Two of the cats, which I had liked the most because of their online profiles and photos, were taken by other people over the weekend.

But luckily for me, Darlene was still there, and as soon as I saw her, sitting in her enclosure alertly and with such poise and beauty, my heart went out to her. ❤

Although her profile had said that she’s shy, she was very happy to see Sue and me, twining around our legs when she got out of her cage. She purred.

She seems to be very happy here at my place so far, exploring everywhere and playing with toys.

Tomorrow morning I have to start giving her a liquid antibiotic each day for ten days because she has an upper respiratory infection. I hope she’ll forgive me for that! 😛

It is so nice to have another living being here in the house again! 🙂