In the middle of the night, I decided it was time for another haircut.

My last one was last spring, during a previous lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic (see Lockdown Haircut, Day One).

This is what my May 2020 haircut looked like:

Lockdown haircut, Day One.

Now, in November 2020, we are out of that mandatory statewide lockdown.

But as of today, since we are in a third, and worse, peak of coronavirus cases, my county is in an advisory lockdown.

It is the only county here in the state of Ohio to have this distinction so far, although several other counties appear to be closing in on the numbers that will add them to the list.

In addition, we have a statewide mandatory curfew from 10pm to 5am, which is also an effort to lessen the number of coronavirus cases.

Somehow it seems like being in a lockdown inspires me to cut my hair.

My hair had grown quite a bit since that haircut in May. Here’s what it looks like now. As usual, I’ll probably be trimming a bit here and there to even things up over the next few days.