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Playing lute at Ohio State University's Medieval Renaissance Festival in the early 1980's. My mother made my costume.

My site “Let Us Live Like We Mean It: My Life and Times, Here and There” is both a journal-type blog, as well as a topical one.

I’m a retired lawyer whose career was mostly in criminal law as a public defender working throughout the state of Ohio.  Before that I had several federal civil service positions on both the East and West Coasts of the U.S.A.

Music and art have always been major avocations of mine.  I began playing piano at age 5, flute at 8, and finally the guitar at age 12.  It in turn was a run-up to the Renaissance lute, which was my focus in performance from age 16 to age 60. Celtic harp was also a favorite of mine. Sadly, I cannot currently play any instruments due to arthritis, but I hope that will change!

I have drawn and painted all my life. Here is one of my favorite old pen-and-ink drawings on a grocery bag from my college days, which I gave to my brother Chris and his wife Missy:

Big Cat ca. 1971 (2016_05_01 17_16_42 UTC)
Big Cat, pen & ink on brown grocery bag, ca. 1971, Timi Townsend, all rights reserved, private collection of Christopher Townsend, Fairfield Connecticut

History is another big preoccupation of mine, particularly Medieval and Renaissance Europe and Asia Minor.  In 2006 I got to live for six months in Istanbul, Turkey, which will always be one of the peak experiences of my life.

I am now living without pets, my last two cats, Ophelia and Sissy, having died in 2019. It is strange not to have furry animals in the house, because that has been a constant in my life. Here I am at almost three years old, with my first cat Ballo, who I caught in a farmyard when I was barely two:

me with Ballo, Christmas 1953

Social justice, nature and wildlife conservation are passions of mine, too, as is religion/spirituality.

In 2016 I joined the local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), where we research mostly European culture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance up to the year 1600 C.E. (A.D.) and then re-enact those times in what we call the Modern Middle Ages.  Our motto is “Living The Dream.” I enjoy it immensely.

My SCA name is Unnr Olafsdottir, a fictional 10th century Icelandic woman whose family came from Norway via the British Isles.  I enjoy teaching classes about Viking history for the SCA, and also attending classes at The Ohio State University, where I’ve taken several courses offered by the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Do you see a pattern emerging here? 🙂

Here I am teaching classes on Viking Age Women and then on the 10th C. Viking Rus’ Princess Ol’ga of Kiev for the SCA. I have a real affinity for maps, in part because I think that geography has so much to do with history. I also just enjoy looking at them.

I hope that you will find something in my blog to enjoy or enlighten, or at least not offend! 🙂

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  1. Hello Timi. I can see we have a lot of interests in common. Although I’ve never been fortunate enough to play a musical instrument (other than a few chords on a guitar!) I’m a great history lover. The periods you’re involved in are fascinating. I’m focusing on the 9th century for my Viking trilogy at present, the third book of which I hope to finish early next year.
    As for Iceland… It’s an amazing country, which you’ll already know, I think. We only had four days there but we were truly enamoured.
    Thank you for following my blog. I’m looking forward to following yours. Millie

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    1. Hi Millie! Just wanted to let you know that I now have the first two books of your Viking trilogy on my Kindle. I won’t be able to start them until my research paper is done (Dec. 16th), but I’m really looking forward to reading them! 🙂


      1. Oh, thank you, Timi! I do appreciate that. I just hope you like Book 1 or you won’t want to read Book 2! I’ve had some really nice reviews, so I hope you’ll enjoy them too.
        I hope your research paper is progressing well. Are you doing it as part of a PhD – or as a post-doctorate piece? I know little about it, but our eldest daughter has a PhD and still writes research pieces for publication. You’ll be pleased to finish in time to enjoy Christmas.

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        1. Hi Millie! I am sure that I will enjoy both books and be chomping at the bit for the third!
          I’m engrossed in reading for my paper. I’m actually a non-degree auditor in a special program for Ohio residents over age 60 to take classes for free at state universities here. I did take an undergraduate degree from the same university in English literature way back in the 70’s–boy, was research different then! I was the Queen of the Card Catalog, and have now had to learn all about electronic databases, which has been a bit easier since they were introduced while I was practicing law, for which I received Juris Doctor in 1979. Still, it’s been a big adjustment for me to make!
          I did not have to do the research paper under the program’s guidelines, but since I had done so much research, I really wanted to have a “product” to show for it. I bet you will understand that! 🙂 My professor is kind enough to have consented to doing the extra work to read and comment upon my submission, so I want to make it excellent for her trouble!


          1. Well Timi, you definitely have a very full life with your studies as well as your work with reenactment groups. I completely understand the need to keep occupied. Why slow down just because we get older? The time to slow down is when you have to though ill health. I imagine you loved your career in Law and probably miss it. On the other hand, perhaps you haven’t got time to even think about missing it! I hear so many people of my age complaining of boredom since finishing work and I can only say they obviously haven’t tried too hard to find interesting things to take its place.
            Your professor sounds lovely and I’m sure your submission will be excellent. 🙂 You sound such a determined and conscientious person, which are things I really admire. (Perhaps that’t the teacher in me.) Have a wonderful (and busy!) week. 🙂

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          2. I’m not someone to be in awe of, Timi. I’m just a retired teacher writing about something I love and would have done years ago – if I hadn’t been otherwise occupied. 😀

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  2. Hey Timi,

    Hope you are well! I got your email about the issues you were having with the pop-up notifications on Katzenworld. I’ve sent you a couple of emails back but wasn’t sure if my replies ended in your junk.

    Hence why I thought I’d leave you a message here to see if the instructions reached you and helped?

    I am so sorry again that you had issues with those. We’d hate to loose you as a reader altogether. 😦


  3. Since I have no e-mail address, I’ll have to leave you a comment here:
    I noticed that you have a Norwegian heritage – way back in time 🙂 and – I’d expect you
    perhaps to have a special interest in Norway in order to find your place of origin?
    And if you are in luck, I may have made a photo report from the place? So – how do you find out? Your first step would be to google ‘Norwegian counties’ in order to get the geographic lay-out of our country?! When you feel you may have acchieved that, please open any post on my blog. At the very end, you’ll find a hyperlink leading to my self built ‘INDEX’.
    Here everything is listed alphabetically under their respective counties!
    If you’re looking for anything related to Oslo, everything will be listed in alphabetical order underneath ‘Oslo’.
    Then there is the alternative:
    On my front page there is a very small loooking ‘search window’. You could try to minsert the name of the city or settlement you are looking for here and then click ‘enter’.
    Chances are that I may have tagged the report you’re looking for?
    Your 3rd option is simply to send me a mail and ask for information! 🙂
    At th moment there are more than 7000 pictures posted, and most of them are ‘full screens’ that will fill your screen entirely up to 60 inches! Please enjoy! (And welcome to my blog!)

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    1. Thank you for your kindness in sharing the information! My Norwegian roots are so very ancient that I don’t really know where they are located, except for somewhere in western Norway, perhaps Møre . Our family is traced back to the Norsemen who accompanied Rollo, who became the first Duke of Normandy in what is now France. Really old stuff! I’d like to do a DNA test sometime to see if I actually do have any Norse blood in me…. 🙂


  4. I thought you might be interested to know that I also practiced criminal law. I didn’t retire from it; I just stuck it out for 12 years. I retired from federal employment, and the goal of my retirement is to find a producer to commission a screenplay for Alien Resort–David

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          1. Ballo and the other varied cats are very nice, as is the drawing on the grocery bag, You may have posted other drawings in the past, which I didn’t see, but I have noticed some of the nice, unusual clothing you have shown.

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